Fine living and prime location both stand eternally transformed at Sohairah Towers. High-ranking luxury living in the heart of the city that has been conceived, designed and refined to transform a place to live into space for life. The serene environment within the community is invitingly unique and immaculately balanced to turn into a throbbing new heart of Karachi.

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Plot No. A0-28, Sector 25-B, Survey No-82, De Sonal Sceme No. 33, Karachi.

Telephone : 02134693337 , 02134693338

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Sohairah Towers

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    Sohairah Towers

    De Sonal Scheme No.33, Karachi.

    1. Composing 5 rooms, the Super-Luxury Apartments at Sohairah Towers have been specifically designed to provide you all the amenities and luxuries of international standard in a peaceful environment which at the same time throbs with the attractions of urban life. Spacious drawing room, lounge and bedrooms fulfill the accommodation needs at these apartments.
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    Spacious Bedrooms

    The Class and Comfort

    1. A concept that incorporates the most basic human needs for space - from ample storage to ease of movement. Your Bedroom embodies a layout design that presents a fine combination of class and comfort. Planned with full cognizance of the modern-day reality that a bedroom is just not a space to sleep in but a private nook where an individual or a couple is able to spend some time in seclusion.
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    Elegant Drawing Room

    Elegantly Designed Drawing Room

    1. Elegantly designed drawing room, reflecting class and distinction, with the entire architectural details highlighted, all set to honor and please your guests. Creating an overall environment that truly represents the warmth of your hospitality and a peasant setting to provide your guests some quality time.
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    Modern Kitchen

    Modern and Stylish Kitchen

    1. Modern and stylish Open American Kitchen, with proper ventilation system, makes your cooking experience an extremely pleasant activity.
    2. Incorporating all latest features and trends, designed to ensure that from preparing simplest of daily meals to elaborate feasts and festive cuisines everything is conveniently accomplished.

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The Super-Luxury Apartments at Sohairah Towers comprise of 5 rooms. Spacious drawing room, lounge and bedrooms fulfill the accomodation needs at these apartments.


Forget load shedding, we will provide you uninterrupted power supply through our powerful generators.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Pure drinking water is the need of everyone. We will provide our occupants RO treated pure drinking water through separate lines to every flat.

Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting System will be installed on every floor and regular training sessions will be arranged to use the equipment for self-defense.

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